Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When does smoking count as NOT smoking?

From: NELE
Subject: Hey
Hey, my name is XXX and i saw your profile and would like to get to you you a little better. I am 31, from Bristol, RI..i currently am a cook and am pursuing a degree in elementry education. I hope you respond and look forward to hopefully chatting with you soon. I do have more pictures if you would like to see them

According to his profile, he smokes. Gross.
And he only has one photo up - a side shot at that. Suspect.

ME: Hi, Nelson!
Thanks so much for the email, but I don't date smokers. Good luck on here!

NELE: im actually on the nicorette program with smoking only when i drink

I don't date drug users either, but apparently, if you only blow lines when you drink, I guess that's supposed to be acceptable.

ME: That still counts as smoking.

NELE: true....cant argue that

FINALLY. He gets it!

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