Friday, January 8, 2010

Time to Buy Stock in Hooked on Phonics

Subject: Hi
wats up beautiful wat u up2 this beautiful afternnon muuuaaahhh

Ce22 is a 22-year old male.
About Me
wats up ladies hows it going u have a great funny down to earth guy who loves sports movies music p3 looking for ladies that love the social life u kno overall killers with the looks the smile idk honestly if ur tired of fn lookin come talk 2 a dude that's a real good guyy for real no bs idk if interested hit it up

I'm just to be blunt with this one.

ME: Working. Good luck on here!

CE22: wow ok thats all im tryna get at ya bot on othas on here

????? I am going to buy some serious stock in Hooked on Phonics. EVERYONE on needs a copy.

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