Thursday, January 7, 2010

TOTAL Misfit

Subject: Breathtaking
Wow you are Breathtaking. Seems like we might have a few things and common and could have a amazing time together. Are you open to older men at all?? I am not a player or looking for a one time thing. I would love the chance to get to know the women behind those amazing eyes.

Read my profile I think we might click

Any plans tonight??

I'm not opposed to dating older men; just men who can't add. He's only TWO years older than me. That and the only two photos he has up are the ones he took in the bathroom himself from 10 feet away.

ME: Thanks for the email!
Not sure what I'm doing yet tonight.
To be honest, I absolutely DO NOT want kids..and I read that you do.

MISFIT: Trust me I don't think I want kids either at this point.

Then why does your profile say you want children? Hmm..

ME: LOL and why is that?

MISFT: My friends have kids and after seeing how those kids act doesn't really seem like something that is for me.

MISFT: Maybe meet for a drink sometime?

No reply from me.

MISFIT: Do you maybe want to meet for a drink this weekend? My number is 401-xxx-xxxx Matt. Yours? Don't worry not some creeper :)

Really? Why is my gut telling me otherwise?

Now, Misfit keeps emailing me, sometimes I answer - sometimes I don't. That doesn't stop him from firing away emails though.

MISFIT: Any plans tonight?

ME: Drunken bowling. You?

MISFIT: No plans yet. Just got up from last night. Drunken bowling sounds fun:)

MISFIT: So why are you on Pof? I am sure u have no problem meeting guys.

Me: I meet a lot of people...just no one I have any sparks with. You?

MISFIT: The same. I am looking for sparks as well . Seems sparks can't be found in bars and other such places. So here I am :)

MISFIT: So what should I know about you? What makes you different and you?

MISFIT: So when we meeting for drinks?

ME: When you decide you DO NOT want kids and put up some pics that you didn't take yourself. lol.

This is where it starts to get really good...

MISFIT: I dont want kids ok. Are you saying I am ugly.?? Just meet me for a drink I am smoking hot you might fall in love at first sight.

Smoking hot? Really? REALLY?

ME: No, I'm not saying you're ugly.
But the only pics you have are two which you took yourself.
Usually pics taken by and with others indicate that you have friends and are not a psycho.

MISFIT: LOL I have many friends people love me. I am a pretty big deal people know me ;) .... jk

Whats your cell number I will text you some pics silly goose.

ME: ...or you can just post them on your profile.

If this guy thought I was going to give him my cell number, he's out of his mind.

MISFIT: I dont want to post them on my profile. I really dont want people to know I am on this site. I would never here the end of it.If i had your number I could send some amazing pics and we could chat so you would be able to see I am not a crazy bat.

..and if you had my number, I'd probably have to change it.

ME: Honestly, I'm not embarrassed to be dating online and I couldn't date someone who is embarrassed by it.

MISFIT: lol can you just give me a chance. Trust me I have a very good reason for me not wanting people to see me on here.

You are a tuff nut to crack

And you are just a nut.

ME: Very good reason? And that is? What? You're married?

MISFIT: No my gf passed away a year and a half ago from cancer. Just would not like her family and friends to see me. Sounds silly but just how I feel.

A drink really couldnt hurt could it?

OHHHHHHHHHHh...he dropped the cancer card!

ME: I'm really sorry to hear that, but I highly doubt her friends and family expect you to never date again.

MISFIT: I know this but still.
Anyways. So where do you see your self in the next five years?

Not with you.

ME: On TV.

MISFIT: on tv doing what?

ME: Reality show.

MISFIT: What type of show?

ME: Any.

Most likely a reality show involving how I meet whackjobs like you on-line.

MISFIT: I can help with that I am a proskater and I have a cuz that works for MTV/VH1

Now, he's a proskater too?

MISFIT: I will give you her email if you want you can contact her.

I'd rather you not do me any favors, weirdo.

ME: Well, I really wanted to be on Tough Love Season 2.
Got called to NYC for a 3rd interview, but didn't make the cut.

Hold're a PRO SKATER that's afraid to post pics? odd.

MISFIT: Yes I skate for AntiHero. I dont care about people to notice me or about fam. I hate that part of proskating trust me you will see if you get on TV. It kinda ruins it for me. I just like to skate. LOL are you trying to be famous.

ME: Sure am. LOL.

MISFIT: Why? its not all its cracked up to be. Trust me if you want your soul taken away and like to be around drugs and thieves.

ME: I work in the nightclub industry.
I'm already surronded by drugs and thieves.

MISFIT: Well I can introduce you to people. Dont say I didnt warn you.

Well, you definitely didn't warn me about what a desperate creep you are, that's for sure.

MISFIT: Do you act? If you can act you are better off doing that. In reality you are type cast as talentless. Your career wont last. Trust me I see and hear it all the time.

ME: No acting skills here.

MISFIT: lol then whats is your big plan? What are you going to do when the reality show is over? I am friends with peter manfrado from the contender. He is hella broke now and cant pay his bills and is not even 30 yet.

Go to college kid forget the reality nonsense.

Go to college? I have my MBA. Did this guy even READ my profile??

MISFIT: Sorry not trying to be rude. You seem beautiful and smart you could just do so much more.

I SEEM beautiful? I have pictures up. Either I'm beautiful or I'm not.

ME: I already have my MBA.

MISFIT: Good :) So what is it about reality tv that draws you in?

MISFIT: Lets just get drinks

MISFIT: Lets do a photoshoot

With what? You and your Fisher Price camera?

ME: ?

MISFIT: I am a photographer. I do mostly black and white and I would like to do a shoot with you.

MISFIT: Come on would a photoshoot be that bad? I can send you example of my work if you want? Email?

So, he's proskater AND a photographer? According to his profile, he's VP of Loan Operations.

ME: Is this a joke?

MISFIT: No it's not a joke at all. I don't play games or lie.

MISFIT: Whats your email I will send you some of my photo work?

NO YOU CANNOT HAVE MY EMAIL. He fills my POF inbox. I don't need him blowing up my yahoo account as well.

MISFIT: do you not photograph well?

ME: You're a photographer who won't upload pics? Oh the irony.

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