Monday, January 4, 2010

The Next Richard Simmons?

Subject: how's your day goin
hey you

Talk about a man of many words. Let's check out FitGuy's profile...

29-year old FitGuy is online looking for friends, has a degree in Fitness.
Checking out the scenery
About Me

Weird. Nothing written in his About Me section.

ME: Hi! Freezing in my office. Can't wait for 4:30pm to come.
Hope your day is going better than mine. lol.

FITGUY: i'll warm u up!!! lol oh im in my office at home on the phones all day babe ;( producers and i have a meeting and the tv station later and dinner with one of my agents.eehh im nervous!!! kinda. more like excited i am about to air my own fitness tv show on tv!!!!!! well, not to mention dealing with sexual harassment because i didnt want to screw my manager which looks like scare crow!!! AAAAHhhaahahah


ME: Sounds exciting....
Fitness TV Show...on public access?

FITGUY: yeah along with a website, sponsors from all over the world.:)

Sponsors from all over the world? For a public access show? Riiiiiiiight.


  1. I need a photo of this guy.

    And any other correspondence with him.

  2. This is hysterical and such a load of BULL....seriously...I can tell when its a line and when its a bigger line of BS how do any of these males (I won't dare call them men.) think they can get away w/ their ridiculous stories..Ah because they are thinking with the wrong head...that's right! That was MY run-on sentence!