Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tool Academy

Subject: Hi
Hello, I like ur pics & profile ! Drop me an e mail If ur Interested !

This 38 year old's default photo is of him wearing a polo shirt tucked into his jean shorts, with his cell phone clipped to this belt. Umm, nope, not interested.

ME: Thanks for the email, but I'm looking to date someone closer to my age. Good luck on here!

WAVEENT: I'm sorry I though I was e mailing an adult ! U are pushing 30 ya know ! One day u will c that age Is only a number !

Not only does this guy dress LIKE a tool, but he acts the part as well. I should have emailed him back with "Sorry, your jorts deserve a phone call to the fashion police, not interested," instead of my rather nice reply.

ME: Well, thank you, Captain Obvious, but lucky for me I don't look like I'm pushing 30.

I was trying to be nice and reply to your email, instead of just ignoring it. You in turn send a rude email, proving exactly what I thought - you are DEFINITELY not my type. I don't date tools.

Good luck on here.

WAVEENT: I'm really not a tool but ur definately a snob !

ME: You should really work on your manners.
Translation: Go fuck yourself.

WAVEENT: I don't care. It's not like i'm going to go out with you. get a grip.

He should get a grip...on his manhood..because clearly he is the only one gripping it!


  1. As a 38 yr old, I take offense to this. :)

  2. Well, as long as you're not rocking jorts, don't be offended. LOL