Monday, January 4, 2010

Everybody look at me cause I'm sailin on a boat

Subject: Hi
BOATMAN: Hi my name is XXXX. I noticed your profile
and wanted to drop you a note with the hope
of getting to know you better. Im 28 I live in
newport and work on a sail boat here. I was
a paramedic for along time but got a little
burnt out on it took a summer off to sail and
havent gone back. I am a huge sports fan
especially the red sox and bruins. I also read
alot mostly history stuff since I am a closest
geek that isnt quite in the closet. Well I dont
want to ramble on here so I hope to hear
back from you.

Boatman has a Paul Bunyan beard (so not my type).
Let's take a look at his profile...

28 Year Old Male
Profession: Sailing/ Ski Patrol
Hi my name is XXX. I am a real cool laidback down to earth guy. I am basically looking for cool chill girls out there to talk to and hopefully hang out with, and see where it goes from there. I live an interesting life where I have managed to find ways to get paid to either do things I enjoy or work at places like ski resorts and get to ski for free. Most people cant understand my life style which is understandable. Im hoping to find someone that can. Despite my employment I am inteligent, well read, and can hold a conversation. Once people get to know me they find me an interesting person. I figured I would give this a shot and see if anything comes from it.

I am a work-a-holic and honestly, I don't appreciate his lifestyle.

So I let him down easy...

ME: Hi, XXX!
Thanks for the email.
I think I might be a little too much of a crazy party animal for you. lol.
Good luck on here!

BOATMAN: Thanks for getting back. I suppose that was a nice way of letting me down easy but from it I doubt you have ever spent any time with people who make their living sailing boats.

Wtf is THAT supposed to mean?
And, buddy, I'm Portuguese. We came over here ON a boat.

ME: No, probably because I don't know how to swim and hate being on boats.

BOATMAN: Thats a good reason

Ya think?

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