Monday, September 28, 2009

Three's a crowd...

I had been chatting on POF with this lawyer from Massachusetts. We would randomly chat on AIM on the rare times he was online, but nothing ever came of it.

Today, he was online. I shot him an IM to say hello and see how he was doing.
This is his reply:

CTLawyer: I actually started seeing someone, but I was wondering if you liked women if you would be interested in going out with us sometime? I understand if not, but I always found you very attractive and I think the three of us could have a good time togther.

Me: You're joking, right?

CTLawyer: Nope........ Just curious, but from you responce u are certainly not like that..........

What is wrong with people?
I mean, do I look like I chow box?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Clearing Things Up

I met Shawn on POF. After a few emails, I gave him my AIM handle.
He would IM me and ask me out on a date for THAT night.
Unfortunately, each time I already had plans (being the socialite I am, there's always something going on!).

Today I received the following IM from Shawn:

whats your deal ?
smoney: i just want to clear things up a lil

Me: ummm
Me: clear what up
Me: lol

smoney: well what is going on with you and dating. I asked y out pleny of times. Do you play games or do you like being single ? Maybe you are unsure of me ? I just want to know so I understand you. Be honest

Me: to be honest, i've just been super busy.

smoney: ok so maybe you are too busy to date
smoney: thats fine i just wanted to know

Me: i don't play games. every time you've asked me to do something, i've had something going on. i'm leaving for vegas next week, so i am overwhelmed this week with tying up loose ends.

smoney: alrighty.. well you are too busy for me I think. So I am gonna move on if thats ok

Move on?? FROM WHAT? We haven't even met!!

Dating Tip # 345: If you're really interested in a girl, MAKE PLANS. Don't ask her out for THAT night and expect her to be available!