Thursday, September 3, 2009

Clearing Things Up

I met Shawn on POF. After a few emails, I gave him my AIM handle.
He would IM me and ask me out on a date for THAT night.
Unfortunately, each time I already had plans (being the socialite I am, there's always something going on!).

Today I received the following IM from Shawn:

whats your deal ?
smoney: i just want to clear things up a lil

Me: ummm
Me: clear what up
Me: lol

smoney: well what is going on with you and dating. I asked y out pleny of times. Do you play games or do you like being single ? Maybe you are unsure of me ? I just want to know so I understand you. Be honest

Me: to be honest, i've just been super busy.

smoney: ok so maybe you are too busy to date
smoney: thats fine i just wanted to know

Me: i don't play games. every time you've asked me to do something, i've had something going on. i'm leaving for vegas next week, so i am overwhelmed this week with tying up loose ends.

smoney: alrighty.. well you are too busy for me I think. So I am gonna move on if thats ok

Move on?? FROM WHAT? We haven't even met!!

Dating Tip # 345: If you're really interested in a girl, MAKE PLANS. Don't ask her out for THAT night and expect her to be available!

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  1. Guys need to realize if you really want to see a girl ask her out IN ADVANCE!!! We have lives!!