Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I receive an email from this gentleman asking how my weekend was. This guy is definitely not my type (Blonde with a goatee), but I politely respond.

Me: Crazy busy.I'm putting together a singles event and I've been chasing down sponsors. LOL. How was yours?

Subject:Hello Fellow Sushi Lover
SushiGuy: Mine was good. Saw my friends band and took the motorcycle out for a spin down to Newport. Any ideas where the singles event is going to be held? If you want to talk some time my number is XXX-XXXX.

I reply with a link to the event and "Which band?"

SushiGuy: The band was dacoda. I'm going camping with a bunch of people this weekend in nh. U have any plans?

Me: Hill with the girls! :)

As you can clearly, see I'm keeping it brief because I'm not super interested, but I don't want to just be rude and ignore his emails.

SushiGuy: Sounds like a good time. So where do u go for sushi?

And it's not like he's writing novels over here either so I respond with,
"Haruki. You?"

His response made me sit up.
SushiGuy: I prefer Wasabi in Johnston. Do u actually want to get to know each other or are these couple of word responses from you just wasting my time?

Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuse me.

Me: Well that was harsh. Sorry, but I've been too busy to write lengthy emails. I didn't want to be rude and just ignore emails that I opened, but I guess that's the better MO.

SushiGuy: I didn't mean to be harsh but I'd rather know if I'm spinning my wheels for a reason or not. It's tough to tell with you. so if you want to actually get to know me then you can reply to this.

Alas, I did not reply. :)

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  1. okay when someone writes this to me on pof it means they're getting blocked: am i still sleeping and r u a dream ? becuase u r sooooo beautiful like a dream if so pls dont wake me up