Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is EXACTLY Why I Do NOT Want To Date a Younger Guy

Subject: Hi
UnReal: i just wanna say i LOVE sushi and i wanna go get some and everyone i know thinks its nasty. so im curious to know if your into younger men i mean im not tht much younger then you but still lol. write back maybe when your not working we can go get some

UnReal is 25 years old. His ideal first date: "goin out to dinner getting to no each other making each other laugh and feel comfortable. maybe go for a walk on the beach, no movies till the second date, how will i get to know you when we cant talk haha"

Hmm..apparently, you'll learn ALL you need to know about me on the first date. So, NOT talking on the second date is ok. Interesting.

Me: Thanks for the email, but I'd prefer to date someone closer to my age.

UnReal proceeds to further ascertain why I do not date younger men by sending the following email:

im 26 and your 27 how closer do you want. wow maybe you could grop up a little and just tell me your not attracted. because know u just look ****ing stupid

Clearly, I'm not the *****ing stupid one that has trouble forming coherent sentences.

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