Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Wonder Nice Guys Finish LAST

Subject: Your beautiful
Hi my name is michael I am a business owner form the R.I. area looking to meet one very pretty lady like yourself who wants a guy who will always be hoinest with her be loyal to her and treat her like a lady. I hope you have a wonderful day and Hope to be lucky enought to hear from you Thank you michael.

Michael is a 36-year old divorcee, who looks about 50, VERY high forehead with a typical sketchy older man mustache, who looks about as much fun as a wake.

ME: Thanks for the email, Michael, but I think I'm too much of a party club-goer for you. Good luck on here

NICEGUY: Oh no not at all i love parties and i would love to spoil you I am wealthy and a real nice guy what do you say beautiful ?? would you like to chat

Do I look like a gold digger? Is money supposed to woo me?

ME: To be honest, I'd rather not date someone wealthy.

NICEGUY: Please give me a chance I will treat you better than any other guy has I say I a wealthy I mean finacially secure Your drp dead beautiful Please give me a chance you will nt be sorry

Two "please give me a chance" is just one too many for me.

ME: Honestly, I don't date men with facial hair and who have less than 3 photos on this site.

NICEGUY: I shave it off hun for you

ME: I don't want people to change who they are.

NICEGUY: why not give me a chance I would make you very happy !! would yo ulike ot chat i am online

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