Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Funny Lookin' Is As Funny Lookin' Does

Subject: Texas Hold 'Em
I'm almost embarassed to admit this but I've never played Texas Hold 'em, but I am willing to learn! Although I frequent Twin River aka "the Riva" I stick to 5 card video poker. I also think my hair looks funny in this pic.
Your job sounds interesting.

Not only does his hair look funny, but so does his face. Sorry! But it's true.

According to DLESS's profile, "Also, the site has me listed as a non-smoker but I fell off the wagon...it's not bad, just a few a day." Just a few cigarettes a day makes you a SMOKER!

ME: It is!Good luck learning!

DLESS: Am I that funny looking?

Is this guy psychic or just insecure?

ME: Did I say that? I'm actually looking to date someone closer to my age.

DLESS: Okay, I usually look to see if you put any age range under the mail settings, you can do that. For instance if you want to meet someone between 25-32 you can adjust your profile. Anyway, I didn't see an age range so i thought I'd give it a try. Some women don't mind an older guy.

And thank you, DLESS, for the computer lesson.

Note that I don't put an age range because I like to use the "I'd like to date someone my age." as my get out of jail free card.

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