Friday, February 19, 2010

Going Going Back Back to Cali Cali

From: WD
Subject: Hi

33 year-old Navy guy Danny lists his Sign as "South Carolina." Really? He's currently living in California.

ME: Hi

WD: I'm. Danny how are u. I'm in the area for the week. Let's get to know each other ..maybe have dinner

ME: For the week?I'm not looking to date a tourist. Good luck on here!

I barely have time for myself, never mind to have dinner with someone who is in the area for a week. I'd rather have dinner with a friend I haven't seen in a while - or someone I could potentially date that lives in the area. NOT California.

2 minutes later, he fires off another email:
WD: I'm down for that interview

ME:You're in California.

WD: I'm here in westfield ma. Where r u

ME: Your profile says CALIFORNIA.

Danny, do you not know how to read? I'm in RHODE ISLAND. Your profile says CALIFORNIA. We're working with two different coasts here

WD: We can meet for coffee or dinner...let's see if we have chemistry

ME: Ummm..where in California? I'm living in RI.

DW: I'm here...come on ...I'm just looking to meet miss right

ME: Go meet her in CALIFORNIA.

DW: girls up here are mean

No, Danny. We're not mean. We just know what we want and don't want to waste our time. Does my profile say I'm looking for a new pen pal? No. I'm looking to date someone in RHODE ISLAND (or nearby. lol).

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