Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Forget YOU

From: MK
Subject: Hey
very nice...i like what i see

I mean really, what kind of conversation starter is that?

Surprise, surprise. MK's default is of him lifting up his shirt and showing off his abs.

ME: thanks!

MK: how are you? what's your name? do u have facebook? you're so cute

Calm down, stalker. He has his FB listed, so I check it out. DING DING DING! I thought he looked familiar. This guy is always out and about with my friend Henry. He has never once bothered to introduce himself to me, but now he wants to tell me I'm cute?! Please.

ME: You're killing me. lol
I've seen you out and about a million times and you've never offered to buy me a drink. :P

MK: you've seen me out? LOL where? why didn't you come up to me?? trust me...if i saw you out..i'd buy u a drink....with that face...

do u know me?

text me XXX- XXXX

ME: I think we've been introduced a few times. lol.
You must know my friend Henry XXXX?

MK: yes i'm good friends with henry....lol...tell me more

ME: What more is there to tell? lol

MK: forget this

Forget YOU, buddy. Seriously. You can't put any effort into saying hello when you see me in real life, never mind an online conversation.

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