Friday, February 19, 2010

Must Love Dogs

From: WTB
Subject: Hi

WTB is a 40 year old male. His profile:

About Me:
I am a professional swm seeking single independent,professional female for dating and possible long term relationship. I enjoy sports, music and travel. I have a yellow lab named "bo" that I adore and rescued from a shelter

First Date: Dinner, meet for a drink, or take dog(s) for a walk

I take a look at his photos. He has four. THREE of Bo and one of himself kneeling and hugging Bo.

I reply....
ME: Hi.

You send me a simple thoughtless e-mail., you're going to get one back.

WTB: would you be interested in chatting sometime? Bob

Well, that depends, Bob. Am I going to be dating you or your dog?

ME: Why do you have more pics of your dog up than you?

WTB: because he is better looking

I don't even know what to say to that.

WTB: do you have AIM?

ME: do you have any photos without your dog?

WTB: I do not, I only have a few cheesy cell phone pics

Who doesn't have photos of themselves? It's 2010!! Seriously. Go to Wal-mart and buy a $4 disposable camera. End of story.

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