Wednesday, December 2, 2009

IM Etiquette continued


This guy just DOES NOT get it!

So, I sign on and once again, SoftBallRIGuy just HAS to IM me.

SoftBallRIGuy: well hello
SoftBallRIGuy: youre a tough one lol
SoftBallRIGuy: lol whats a guy gotta do here

Jeez, IDK...stop being so god damn annoying maybe!?

I quickly check my inbox and then sign off.

Logged in again yesterday and guess who IM'd me? Yep, SoftBallRIGuy!

[2:39:01 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: lol geesh why dont you talk?

[2:25:15 pm]ME:because you're green
(In reference to his earlier comment about me not talking to him because he's green.)

[2:39:01 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: what do you mean?
Well if you don't know what the hell YOU mean by it, how the hell am I supposed to know!?

SoftBallRIGuy just doesn't give up hope.
Today, once again, as soon as I sign on, he IMs me....

[2:23:15 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: well hello again...

[2:23:36 pm]ME: omg you're annoying

[2:23:56 pm]SoftBallRIGuy:lol why am I annoying?

[2:24:09 pm]ME: i'm not even kidding.

[2:24:21 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: lol it is funny

[2:24:29 pm]ME: because you don't give me a chance to reply to your iMs. you continuously bombard me with messages.

[2:24:53 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: come on now...lets be werent ever going to respond anyways

[2:25:11 pm]ME: well if you thihk THAT, then why the hell keep IMing me then!?!?!!?!?

[2:25:37 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: one thing I hate is to be ignored

[2:26:32 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: i always treat people with respect...and it drives me nuts when i am ignored

[2:27:02 pm]ME: PEOPLE DO GET BUSY

[2:27:27 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: come on ...if someone signs on here they arent that busy

[2:27:44 pm]ME: ever hear of multi-tasking?!?

[2:27:47 pm]ME: please don't IM me anymore.

Does he stop IMing me? Nope!

[2:28:46 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: I dont mind doing that...if those were your feelings from the get go you could of told me and stopped any of this...but you ignored me

[2:30:00 pm]ME: just don't get it...i left my computer ON and walked away..when I got back I had a hundred missed IMs from you. what annoyed me is the fact that you couldn't WAIT for a repsonse!?

[2:30:23 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: ummm and when was this?

[2:30:31 pm]ME: omg are you insane


[2:31:10 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: i am not insane... i asked you a is that insantity?

Ugh, did I stutter when I said "PLEASE DO NOT IM ME ANY MORE" ????

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