Sunday, November 29, 2009

IM Etiquette

So, I'm on, and this annoying guy keeps IMing me.

If someone does not immediately reply to your IM , it could mean one of the following:

1. She is not at her computer and therefore cannot use her mental powers to type a reply.

2. She's busy updating her facebook status and cannot reply quite yet.

3. She's thinking of a witty response (which after a night of drinking, may take longer than usual). or

4. She's just not interested.

SoftBallRIGuy sends the following IMs:
[5:30:05 pm]Well hello Miss hasnt talked to me :P How was your Thanksgiving?

No reply from me. Does he wait for a response? Nope!

[5:32:25 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: Lol are you ever going to say hello again?

Guess he doesn't like being in suspense....

[5:33:07 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: I would love to talk to you

Seeing as how you are BOMBARDING me with messages, I would have never guessed that.

[5:34:28 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: are you there?

[5:35:21 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: geesh whats a guy gotta do here

Hmm...take it down a notch maybe? Or get counseling. One of the two.

[5:39:03 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: maybe I am green and you dont really see me


[5:42:34 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: yep convinced you arent getting my mesages

Or maybe I can't read? It's gotta be one of the two.

[5:48:15 pm]SoftBallRIGuy: yep no way you arent :)

Finally, I go into annoyed bitch mode and send the following IM:
ME: Hi. One IM would have been sufficient. I'm in the middle of something.

SoftBallRIGuy: haha...I was just frustrated sorry...thats all...this site can drive one nuts

Is waiting more than a minute for an IM response really THAT frustrating? Sheesh.

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