Monday, August 23, 2010

One Dump or Two?

Subject: Hi
Rick: your so beautiful id lick your bumm hole till u came lol

Umm...excuse me?

Me: Can I take a dump first?

Because with all the shit he's talking, I think he'd quite like it.

Rick:suuuuure what ever u want as long as i hear you moaning lol ;)

Minutes later....
Rick:sooo does it sound like a plan ? lol

He is certainly eager.

Me: Sure, when my hemroids stop flaring up.

Rick: awww dont worry about them there just lil bumps in the road;) haha


Rick: Hey im ricky by the way , just tryin to get you to laugh and have a lil fun im not really a dirtbag i was havin a good time laugh and thought u where to but you seem like a really cool person and if im not for u i hope u find what u want but just remember u gotta find a guy that thinks your really beautiful and really likes you to lick your butt hole ;) lol jk

Me: You know what they say about first impressions.....

Thanks for the email, but I'm looking to date someone who doesn't mention my anus as an icebreaker. It's rude and inappropriate.

Good luck on here!

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