Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Do you have a BONNER?

Subject: Hi
DaveG: I have bonner

24-year-old Dave has a 2-year-old daughter, smokes often, is "much interested in anything that has to do with enjoying life" and is looking for a "looking for a decent girl with a good head on her shoulders." And he has a bonner.

Me: What does that even mean?

DaveG: it means u make my pee pee go boing boing wana fuk

Me: Well first off, you should learn how to spell. It's "BONER" not "BONNER."
Secondly, if you really are looking for "a good girl to get to know," then you shouldn't be sending these immature e-mails.

DaveG: im so sorry that was my stupid friend who sent you those messages i left my computer on once again im very sorry i did look at your profile and i really liked what i saw i would be really interested in getting to know you

Me: You should log out before walking away from your computer. Thanks for the email. Good luck on here.

DaveG: so would you be interested in getting to know a man like me

A "man" like him?! You have got to be kidding me.

Me: No, thank you. I don't date smokers. Best of luck to you on here.

DaveG: ill try and quit for u and i dont smoke alot as it is

And I'm sure recreational drug users don't do a lot of crack as it is either, but I'd prefer to just stay away altogether.

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