Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How Do You Feel About GO-TEEs ?

34-year-old ReNard (I think his screen name should be ReTard) " want to travel to Australia in the new future." The new future? As opposed to the old future?

Subject: Hi
ReNard: good afternoon

Me: Howdy

Renard: Hi T. I feel like i won a jackpot. LOL. I have "go tee" facial hair now. Dont you like the facial hair at all? - anton

Who the hell is T!?

Me: Not AT ALL.

ReNard: can we chat?

Me: You'd have to put up at least two more photos for that to happen.

Because as of right now, this is the only photo he has on his profile....
Seriously? Didn't he just say he had a "go tee" ?! Well, where is it? Hmm... My guess is he scanned this photo from an ad.

ReNard: but you said something about the facial hair in the profile

He's obviously not keeping up with the conversation here.

Me: I don't like facial hair AT ALL. Not even a goatee.

ReNard: i can send them [the photos] to your e mail

Me: Why can't you just post them like everyone else?

ReNard: Smart question. I am not comfortable to float my picture in the internet

Me: Well, I'm more into the confident type. Don't think it would work out.

Bye, bye!

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