Monday, October 25, 2010

No Scrubs

From: Jessie
Subject: omg
omfg you are so hot you make me want to get naught

From: Jessie
Subject: im the fucknig man
its all good women love me.. we should hang out, maybe .. send me some pics. i kinda like you.... god... we would have so much fun omg..

ME: WHO are you?

From: Jessie
Subject: lol..nevermind
i was just playing around... WHO are you..

From Jessie
Subject: sorry...
i just liked you... beeasy... dont get all carzy,.. its just a profile crush.... ah im tommy btw. How are you doing?

From: Jessie
Subject: nevermind
Playing games with little scubs? I bet you think, Im creepy... You're dumb then and i could care less about you. Keep getting played good luck.

Scubs? I think you meant scrubs, ding dong. I could care less about you too. lol. Glad to see we finally have ONE thing in common!

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